trick or treat

Trick or Treat!

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by Jemma.

It’s Halloween! A time for magic, spells and potions! We have many plants in the Materia Medica that were used for mystical purposes. So if you are a witch in need of ingredients for your flying ointment: we have belladonna, which you can mix with hemlock, wolfsbane and other such ingredients to make your broom fly high into the sky. We also stock Tonka beans, magic beans that are said to grant wishes! Or if you have been bitten by a werewolf and are in need of a cure: have no fear for we have Colocynth pulp, one of the cures for lycanthropy! We have everything you need and more to survive this night intact.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Flying ointment’s belladonna
Wish granting Tonka beans
Werewolf cure colocynth pulp
dragon's blood
Dragon’s blood