Something unexpected happened in the Manchester Museum!

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By Eirini Antonaki

The herbarium of Manchester itself  is a collection of some 750,000 specimens of preserved plants. Most are in the form of pressed specimens on flat sheets. Some are in small packets such as the mosses and lichens and some are even 3D e.g. our collection of fruits and seeds. Apart from them it has also books, plant illustrations , slides projector, microscopic slides, plant models and  many more to explore.




Finally something that you can’t miss is our brand new modern greenhouse. You should definitely check out! 

The Greenhouse is a hidden gem, located on the third floor of Manchester Museum. It accommodates plants from all over the world in an artistic installation that has been realised with the collaboration of  Nonsense_indoor_plants ,  Jeanette Ramirez founder of The Clorofilas (@Theclorofilas) and our Curator of Botany Rachel Webster.

It is next to Sylvia’s study room, which is a multi purpose room near the new third floor cafe. What a wonderful idea to study or have a meeting with a view of  ferns, cacti and tropical plants  in the middle of the winter in Manchester!



Want to see more about the Greenhouse?
Then you can follow our instagram profile  @mcrmuseumgreenhouse   and you can upload your own photos with the #mcrmuseumgreenhouse.


The scaffolding comes off!

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The scaffolding has come down off the tower and so has the protection off the herbarium windows. The sun can now flood into the back of the herbarium which has been a bit gloomy for some time.

While it’s nice to get some light up here, it’s even better news for the Museum greenhouse on the third floor galleries. After coming through the winter months in the dark, the plants in the greenhouse were putting on new growth and were starting to get a bit leggy in their hunt for light. Having been so long in the shade, the brilliant sunshine we’re getting at the moment will be a bit of a shock to their systems, but they will soon acclimatise to their new conditions and hopefully put on some healthy new leaves.