An Evergreen Advent

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73626ed2-7811-4eeb-9c25-38a4503e38c4.jpgCones of all shapes and sizes – Displayed on the Third Floor, Manchester Museum.

An Evergreen Advent

When I was young, throughout the year, whenever we visited woods and forests, we used to collect cones – pine, fir, larch, even monkey puzzle! At Christmas, my dad used to paint the tips white, like snow, and attach wire to them so we could hang them on the Christmas tree…

1 pine cone 5

A reminder of spring to come

During the festive season, cones are everywhere – table dressings, garlands, wreathes… In fact, evergreens have been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years – the Romans used fir trees to decorate their temples for Saturnalia, pagans used branches to decorate their homes during the winter solstice, a reminder of the spring to come, while Christians have used evergreens to signify continuous life.

HildersheimIo Saturnalia! Replica of Roman silverware found at Hildesheim…

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