Month: September 2019

South Asia Gallery Collective visit the stores

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A guest post from Rachel Webster, Curator of Botany, and David Gelsthorpe, Curator of Earth Sciences, on exploring the stores with the South Asia Gallery Collective.

At the end of June the South Asia Gallery collective paid a visit to look at some of the South Asia-related stories waiting to be told in the geology and botany collections. In geology, our collections of rocks, minerals and fossils tell of mapping the colonial power of the British Empire, the formation of the Himalayas and ancient life and environments.

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We started by looking at out piece of Mount Everest, which is great to handle as it feels a very tangible link to the mountain and the geological power unleashed by the building of the Himalayas. After looking at some 2.5 million year old elephants fossils from the Sivillak Hills, we looked at some of the world’s finest diamonds. Unfortunately only replicas, but…

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