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Cordyceps, the Zombie Fungus

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Bryony from the Visitor Team takes a look at the weird world of zombie fungi; a post originally on the ‘Stories from the Museum Floor’ blog

Stories from the Museum Floor

Today’s Story from the Museum Floor by Bryony from the Visitor Team takes a closer look at one of the most unusual objects from our botany collection.

And for more about plants, have a look at the Curator’s blog, Herbology Manchester.

Cordyceps, the Zombie Fungus

It’s Hallowe’en again, and you all know what that means… it’s our Stories from the Museum Floor Hallowe’en blog post, of course!

There are plenty of spooky things to write about in a museum. You might recall our post about the Death’s Head hawk moth, or perhaps the one about ancient Egyptian mummies … but would you expect to find … zombies?

Yes, we’ve got some real-life zombie specimens here in the museum. Now, brace yourselves, because this could get scary …

Cordyceps fungus on caterpillars, Nature’s Library, Manchester Museum. Cordyceps militaris is on the left, and Ophiocordyceps robertsii, right.

Don’t know…

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A trip to the Paris herbarium in the Jardin des Plantes, Paris.


I was given a guided tour of the Paris herbarium by Marc Jeanson: 8 million specimens, fully imaged and sorted into APG III order. Citizen science project Les Herbonautes encourages volunteers to catalogue the collection online photos.


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Grandes Serres (Greenhouses) contain drought tolerant and tropical plants:


A menagerie:



Systematic beds, alpine garden and historic trees


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Gallery of Evolution


Gallery of Botany:





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A few images from the herbarium recently

Archives and labels are a gold mine of information in Herbarium collections #botanicMonday @Nat_SCA

It’s #BotanicMonday and also #chocolateweek! Here’s a German teaching poster of the plant that produces the cocoa bean

Plant models aplenty #BotanicMonday

106 years old and still living up to its name – Showy pink oregano (Origanum sipyleum) #BotanicMonday

Joanne B Kaar‏ @Joannebkaar Oct 15
More back rooms of @McrMuseum in herbarium @Aristolochia
photos from my recent research visit
I’m inspired