Internship in the Herbarium

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For the past five weeks I have been working at the herbarium as an intern. I’m a museum studies student from the University of Iceland and I have been working on various projects in connection to the herbarium collection for example cleaning slides, remounting plant samples and working on the museum database. The plants I have been remounting were a gift to the museum from A. Newton which collected them. They are from the genus Rubus from the Rosaceae family. The Rubus genus is the species that produces the blackberry. I have also been looking for plants from India in the collection, taking pictures of them and putting them into the database.

In 2020 a new gallery dedicated to South-Asia will be opened at the museum and the plants from India and information about them will be used for blogposts in relation to this new gallery. I have found many beautiful plants for example the plant Cassia fistula better known as the Golden shower tree. Cassia fistula is a flowering plant native to the Indian subcontinent and other regions of Southeast-Asia. It is the national tree of Thailand, and its flower is Thailand’s national flower (Wikipedia, 2016).

Berglind Greta Kristjansdottir

Wikipedia. (2016). Cassia fistula from


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