Month: November 2015

Manchester Herbarium’s grand re-opening!

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After a year of full closure while the Museum roof was rebuilt and about a further 5 years of disruption since the window replacement work began, we finally have the herbarium back up and running. So we thought it was high time to host a party to remind the rest of the Museum and the University’s plant scientists just how lovely our store room is.

We laid out examples of our current projects, some of our favourite objects and quirky things that we’ve come across while we’ve been sorting the place out. After everyone had explored the collection we all headed off to the staff room for some delicious botanically-themed cakes.

We should do this more often!

November Meeting!

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The Manchester Museum’s Senior Youth Board visit the herbarium.

Manchester Museum Youth Board


Today the Youth Board was given a tour of the herbarium by Rachel Webster, the curator of Botany. We were shown the changes made to the area after flooding and building work and images from the hosting of the Alice in Wonderland tea party as part of the Manchester International Festival earlier this year. The Herbarium is the second largest collection in the museum and the possibly the best storage space for collection in the museum – however, we will be visiting the Entomology collection next month so we’ll see how it compares. We looked though the collection donated to the museum by Charles Bailey, James Cosmo Melvill, and Leo. H. Grindon, amongst others. The collection included botanical artefacts, pressed plants and illustrations. We were also shown books of dried plants created by Victorian amateurs called Exsiccatae which were intersecting pieces of social history. We continued up to the top…

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