Visiting Liverpool World Museum

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Beautifully conserved illustrations in the Liverpool herbarium collections

This time last week we travelled over to Liverpool to catch up with colleagues who work in herbaria in the North West of the UK. It was lovely to have the opportunity to get together and discuss what we’re all doing (projects, aquisitions and the day to day) and it also meant that we got to have a good look round the Liverpool herbarium. With our storage looking like this:

Manchester’s General Flowering Plant Collection


………….Liverpool’s was a vision of order and function. Lindsey and I have got our eye on a few improvements to try out!

A green solander box! Home from home!


Lay-away cabinet with big, clear labels
Love these!

We also had a tour of the museum’s City Wildflower Meadow by Donna Young, Curator of Herbarium, . In prime postition right at the main entrance, the meadow is now in it’s second year and must have been a blaze of colour in midsummer. It had largely run to seed when we visited, but there were still a few flowers (such as yellow toadflax, the odd scabious flower and some dark mullein) making the most of the last days of summer. Donna explained that this year the yellow rattle (Rhinanthus minor) had really started to settle in and as it parasitises the more vigorous plants like grasses it will help to maintain the diversity of the meadow in future. We’ll have to come see it in all it’s glory next year!

Liverpool World Museum’s City Wildflower Meadow

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