Lunchtime From War of Nature talk – Parasitic plants – friends or foes?’

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Yellow Rattle (photo by J. Rowntree)

Museum Meets

Join Dr Jenny Rowntree for our lunchtime talk for the From the War of Nature exhibition. Jenny’s talk ‘Parasitic plants – friends or foes?’

The talk begins at 1pm on Friday 30 May and takes place in the Kanaris Theatre in the Manchester Museum.

About 1% of all flowering plants are parasitic on other plants. This means that they grow into and obtain all or some of their nutrients (or food) from other plants. Some parasitic plants are well known, and have cultural significance such as mistletoe. Others are important agricultural pests that can reduce the productivity of crops. Although parasitic plants always have a negative effect on the plants they infect, some species can have positive effects on the community as a whole. Yellow rattle, for example, a common species of meadows and grasslands in the UK, is used as a conservation tool to restore species rich grasslands as…

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