Collection Bites and Lunchtime talks for From the War of Nature

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Museum Meets

Wed May 7 – Collection Bites: From the War of Nature 1-2pm, Manchester Museum ,

Join Henry McGhie, Head of Collections and Curator of Zoology, as he explores some of the extraordinary ways in which animals have negotiated the conflict that exists between them, using specimens from the Museum collection as a basis for discussion. He will also explore ‘speciesism’, treating different species in different ways, and how we think of ourselves as part of the natural world.

Book on 0161 275 2648 or museum, adult, free

Kestral: From the War of Nature @Paul Cliff

And the details of the lunchtime talks linked with the exhibition have been announced.

Friday 16th May, 1-2pm: Dr Sheena Cruickshank will be investigating the hygiene hypothesis and whether there is a link between parasites and allergies.

Friday 23th May, 1-2pm: Marco Smolla will look into the world of social insects and the value of…

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