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Reflections on RinR event: Exploring African Medicinal and Religious Objects in Manchester Museum

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The Healer's Tools

 RinR Event MHF Image

On Saturday March 22nd one of the central events of my Researcher in Residence role at Manchester Museum was held. Details of the event, part of Manchester Histories Festival (21-30 March 2014), can be found here:

For the link-shy here’s the Manchester Histories Festival event summary:

An object-orientated lecture examining collections of African medicinal and religious artefacts held in Manchester Museum. Speakers will highlight some important objects from the museum’s collection and  critically examine the role of local collectors donating African medico-religious artefacts to museum collections over the years. 

The lecture will be open to the public and will appeal to anyone with an interest in West Africa, indigenous healing and religion, and the process of collecting.

A fuller programme had originally been planned, and contributions were solicited from postgraduate researchers from across the SALC, however, falling in the same month as my Viva, these ambitious plans had…

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