Weeding in the Museum allotment

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It’s been a while since I’ve been down to the Museum allotment, and while our windows are relaced with double glazing we no longer have a view over it either. So it was high time I went along to see Anna Bunney and the allotment voluteers, Scott, Bernard and Beryl, to find out what’s growing. The peas and beans are looking good, the nasturtiums are flowering enthusiastically and the garlic chives are just about ready to open their buds. The kiwi fruit which must have grown from the remains of someone’s lunch is still going strong too. The potatoes have been coming out over the last few weeks and so there’s now new spinach and pak choi seedlings and some small celery plants. I thought I’d better make myself useful and so I tidied up the runners from the alpine srawberries so that Anna could sow some new beetroot seeds.

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