Spring Wild Food Forage

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Thought I’d share a lvely post from the new biology curatorial trainee Claire Miles.

Claire Miles

This event on Saturday, 25 May was part of the Urban Naturalist series of public events at the Manchester Museum with Jesper Lauder (a medical herbalist) in association with Cracking Good Food.

The weather was great and Jesper kept us engaged and entertained during the afternoon, providing lots of information about the culinary and medicinal uses of plants we found in our walk around near the Museum.  Many, but not all, were plants that you would expect to find in this area, and often would be considered troublesome weeds.

Here are my jottings from the afternoon …

St George’s mushrooms

Jesper had come across these on his way to the event.  As its name suggests, this mushroom typically appears around St George’s day (23 April), often but not always in meadows and it makes fairy rings which can help in tracking it down.  It has a cucumbery smell and is…

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