How to wrap an albatross

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Not botany, but sometimes I get to work with colleagues in zoology.  Currently at the Manchester Museum the Bird Gallery is being taken down, and its to be replaced by Nature’s Library in April 2013.  So all those birds coming off display have to be treated before they either a) go into storage or b) go back on display.

Many of the birds are to be frozen.  They have to be double wrapped in plastic, and the albatross was a two person job.  We took photos at each stage.

We needed scissors, tape, gloves and A LOT of plastic…

We filled any large gaps with tissue paper, to get rid of as many air holes as possible….

Then we wrap! First quite loosely to make sure its all covered….

Wrap it tighter, trying to exclude as much air as possible…. (with Andrew Lawton, Curatorial trainee)

We have to wrap each bird twice so we begin the process again!

Albatross done!

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