Returned Loan

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Just a little post about what I’m doing today: putting away liverworts from a loan to Colombia. 

So, 161 Anastrophyllum specimens were borrowed by Herbario Nacional Colombiano in 2009, and they were returned to Manchester a few weeks ago.

After updating their name changes on Ke Emu, our database, I filed them away.  Some of our liverworts are kept in boxes on herbarium sheets, and some are filed in filing cabinets.  They are all in taxonomic order.

Our liverwort collection is rich in Type specimens – a Type specimen is the first sample of a plant species to be described and published.  These samples are then preserved and documented for use in future research or comparison.  We frequently loan liverworts to researchers.

Above: a type specimen of Jungermannia boweri, collected in Jamaica in 1909 by F. O. Bower.  Our type specimens have a pink folder (not the usual white), sometimes a red dot, as seen above, and sometimes a ‘TYPE’ stamp in red.  This one also has a determination slip, written by a researcher, who writes ‘typus!’. 

The exclamation mark, in this case, means, ‘I agree!’ and not ‘Wow, its a type specimen!’



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