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Manchester has some new hospitals, just up the road from the Manchester Museum in the University of Manchester.  Botany specimens from the herbarium can be seen on display in the 2nd floor corridor of the new Royal Infirmary.

The showcase celebrates the poetic creativity of a group of 12 people who worked together with the Manchester Museum and nationally acclaimed poet Chanje Kunda.  The group explored their health and wellbeing through a range of fascinating and inspiring activities held at the Museum.  The workshops included object handling and curator-led talks that broadened people’s experience of art and ancient history.

One of the poems inspired by the botany collection:


Green leaves cling on
Failing to fall asunder

Emerging from earth

Growing imperceptibly stronger

The wind blows

Tree arms flutter

Illumination from street light near

I sit and gaze in wonder

On oft’ waking from nightly slumber

What it is about them that please?

I love to look at them and think

We are like trees

Sam Parker


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